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Drop in any time and Join any class at your level. Free Registration with ID required for the first time students. Pay for one class $18 or class packages at discount prices. More


Wear comfortable workout attire, bare feet or with dance shoes. Street shoes are not allowed in the studios. Studios are fully mirrored and equipped with showers.


Since 1993 the Djoniba Dance centre is providing an alternative in the fitness and dance world for the mind, body and soul by offering an array of exciting ethnic/African-based dance classes to the sound of live drums. Classes are taught by world class instructors who make it easy for everyone to get the steps, sweat, lose weight, stay fit and have fun, in a no pressure, no attitude, environment with a fun, and down-to-earth crowd. Read more


DDDC has become a popular cultural and fitness spot, featured in CNN, ABC news, CBS, Mademoiselle, the New York Post, the New York Times, the Village Voice etc.. and has won numerous awards and recognitions as one of the best dance schools in the U.S. Read more
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“I lost 8lb just in first 2 months! The most effective yet effortless workout I've ever done. The classes are so much fun, so I don’t feel how hard I’m working out.”
-- Kiyo Mukai, Osaka / New York

"I've never danced before in my life and never thought I could, but the teachers break down the steps to make it possible to actually learn how to dance. I always felt such amazing energy in the class and people are very encouraging. After only 6 months, I felt confident enough to perform with the other students.  Dancing at Djoniba Centre, completely enriched my life.  I look forward to class everyday."
- Stacy Bergstein, Manhattan New York

"DDDC is the place to go if you like to dance, have fun, workout and be transported to an amazing different part of the world, Haiti, Cuba, Africa or Brazil as you dance your butt off! What a brilliant partnership with Peridance, so many new classes… it’s the Bomb!"
- Michelle, 33, Harlem New York

“I am a full-time physician who takes the Joneeba Class three to five times weekly. I used to regularly workout at a gym. Since starting dance class, I have not returned to the health club as I feel I get a more complete cardiovascular and total- body workout at Djoniba Centre.”
- Natalee Sansone, MD, New York

"The sound of the live drumming is infectious. The live music gives me energy I never knew I had in me. I always walk out of class feeling uplifted, energized, and encouraged.
- Daniella, New York

Joneeba African Dance

Beg-Basic Joneeba African Dance

Mon, Wed & Fri 7:30-9pm / Sat 2-3:30pm / Sun 5:30-7:00pm Have fun, loose weight, stay fit, increase endurance and improve flexibility.
- DVD to learn from home available.
- CD with drum sounds available.

Children Classes

Watch "Dance, Drum or Die" Video

Djoniba Dance Centre @ Peridance Capezio Center 126 East 13th Street, New York NY 10003


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African Dance & Drum for Children Age 4 to 14