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Manhattan Location
Peridance Capezio Center
126 East 13th Street & 3rd Av
Union Square, NY 10003
N,R,Q,4,5,6,L to 14th/UnionSq


Queens Location
Rioult Dance Center
34-01 Steinway Street & 34th Av
Astoria, Queens 11101
R & M train to Steinway


October 2018

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Zumba® is a high-energy and fun-filled dance cardio fitness class geared towards everybody and every body. A combination of cardiovascular, muscle-conditioning, and balance exercises in a follow along, easy-to-pick-up format, it uses a mixture of dance styles including Latin, World, and Hip Hop to create a high-calorie burning fitness party.

Students will learn New York-style salsa, or Salsa on 2, which focuses mainly of the sounds of the conga and the clave in salsa. This salsa class is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the dance. Each class will start with exercises to get you moving comfortably and confidently to Latin rhythms, transitioning into fundamental salsa footwork.

Beginner African dance : Djoniba teaches is own brand of African dance class, The Joneeba Technique that exercises both mind and body, and also feed the spirit. Even if you've never danced before Djoniba Mouflet can show you how to develop a stronger, leaner body through an effective body-stretching, strengthening and toning warm-up and simple-yet-energetic dance movements from Mali, Guinea and Senegal in his Joneeba style to the sound of live drumming! West-African African Dance: Maguette teaches dances from Mali, Senegal and Guinea and has developed a

Classical Belly dance: Learn the beautiful art of Bellydancing in asupportive and fun class environment. This Classic Bellydance class will incorporate elements of Egyptian, Turkish and classic Vintage Oriental styles Classes will focus on essential bellydance technique, fluidity and musical expression. Veil and finger cymbals may be incorporated into some classes. Egyptian Belly Dance description: In Salit Egyptian style bellydance class you will learn basic moves and combinations that will be put together in to practice with a fun choreography or improvisation.Students will get to perform in shows!All

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that involves dance, culture, music, sport, and history. Created by enslaved Africans in Brazil in the 1500s who were forbidden from practicing fighting, Capoeira had to be disguised as a song and dance, Capoeira was a means of self-protection and a way toward freedom originating in West Africa. The much-loved martial art form practiced around the globe today is a mixture of strength, flexibility, improvisation, rhythm, endurance, agility, and reflexes.

Brazilian Samba : Originated from Brazilian carnival in Rio and Bahia,These dances and rhythms—including Samba de Roda, Axé, Samba reggae, Orixás, and Afoxé—are colorful, fun, sensuous and upbeat social dance. Samba involves the whole body, Loose the hips and fun foot steps to the sound of Live explosive drumming.

Rumba that is at the roots of Salsa, Rumba includes Guaguancó, Yambú, Columbia, and Rumbas mimeticas. Students will learn the relationship between the dance and the music, so that they learn to dance inside the timing. ORISHA Afro Cuban Folkoric dances take its roots, origin and characteristics from the Yoruba people in Africa and includes, Palo, Orishas, and Congo

Afro-Brazilian dance are the popular and traditional dance styles from Bahia in Brazil such as frevo, xaxado, afoxe, maracatu, maculele and is rooted in African tradition of Orishas. Each class features a series of warm-up exercises that will prepare students for fun and extremely energetic technique and dynamic choreography with live Drumming.

Haitian dance and music, such as Rara, Yanvalou and others, originates from Benin, West Africa, and was created by enslaved Africans. Haitian dance also includes an imitation of French court dances while predominantly showcasing the dynamic torso, pelvic, and leg movements danced to the strong rhythmic African drums.